Customized Tours by James F. Hughto
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Photo by Robert Hampton, US Army Ret.

Guided Tours of Historical Sites in Upstate
New York

At Customized Tours by James F. Hughto, we strive to provide you with a learning experience that is both provocative and lively. Whether it is a group of children, adults, or even marines, we endeavor to provide a tour that will enhance your knowledge, and, most importantly, keep it engaging and interesting.

Designed to Fit Your Schedule and Interests

Although our most popular tour is by far the standard tour of the Saratoga Battlefield, we offer many variations of the Saratoga tour, including tours with special emphasis on military strategy, terrain, and social and political aspects of the war.

We also do tours of other sites in the area, also with options for special emphasis. If you're not sure if we can do what you have in mind, contact us, and we'll discuss the customization options available to you.